April 14, 2021

Two fans of Sevilla, stabbed in a fight in Rome | sports

Two fans of Sevilla, stabbed in a fight in Rome | sports

A fight in the Roman district of Monti between fans of Lazio and Sevilla has resulted in four people being stabbed, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport. Two of the injured are Spanish – one of them seriously – one English and one American, all of them were transferred to the Roman hospital of Santo Sprito.

The scuffle began around 9:30 pm and about forty people were involved. Many Spanish fans had to take refuge in a restaurant to avoid being beaten. Among those affected was a group of fans from Sevilla, who came to the Italian capital to witness the duel on Thursday between his team and Lazio in the Europa League. The ultras of the Roman team are known for their ideology of far right, fascists, which clashes with the trend of the radical fans of Sevilla.

Directives from both clubs had been in contact in the previous days to try to avoid altercations. Sevilla president José Castro said after arriving in Rome on Wednesday that some 2,000 Seville fans traveled to Rome.

The Police is in the place of the incidents and investigates the causes and those responsible.

According to the first reconstructions, a group of fans attacked, with their faces covered and armed with truncheons and knives, some kids and fans from Sevilla who were in the central Roman street, wounding some of them in the legs.

Spanish fans must meet from Thursday morning in the Piazzale delle Canestre (Villa Borghese), from where the public bus service will accompany them to the Olympic at 16.00 (15.00 GMT), according to security measures published by the Police Italian

"It is also recalled that in the central areas in Piazzale delle Canestre and in the streets adjacent to the Olympic Stadium, the sale of bottled beverages is prohibited, as well as the transport of beverages in glass containers," Sevilla said recently in a statement.

"It is also forbidden to travel to the stadium by other means and the use of pyrotechnic articles, those who violate any of these rules will be subject to police measures, and any problem should be reported to the corresponding authority by calling the emergency number 112. The The only access reserved to the visiting fans is the "DISTINTI SUD" – "SETTORE SUD MONTE MARIO", continues the note of the Nervión painting.

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