Two families today give 280,000 signatures to the Congress to demand the decriminalization of euthanasia | Society

Two families today give 280,000 signatures to the Congress to demand the decriminalization of euthanasia | Society

Two families handed out 280,000 signatures on Monday to ask that the law regulating euthanasia be unblocked and situations like those lived in their homes be avoided. This is the proposed law presented by the PSOE, which was taken into consideration by the Plenary on July 2, and is still in the process of processing, as both PP and Citizens continue to request the extension of the amendment period, according to the socialists.

The initiative has been developed on the platform, and was implemented individually by the family of Maribel Tellaetxe, Alzheimer's patient for 12 years, and Luis de Marcos, who suffered multiple sclerosis and died in 2017, during the collection of signatures.

Maribel is a 75 year old woman who in 2014 She asked one of her children to "help her leave" the day she did not remember their names. "That first day that you see that I confuse you, that I do not know what you call yourself ... please, do not wait for me to forget you, to not recognize you as children or not to recognize aita. That day you have to help me to leave, "the woman demanded, and this message is that the family has reflected in the letter with which they started the collection of signatures, which also indicates the degree of pain and the situation for which crosses his mother.

Through the platform, more than 182,000 signatures of support have been gathered At his request, the City Council of Portugalete (Vizcaya) has approved an institutional declaration in favor of the decriminalization of euthanasia.

On the same platform, an identical campaign was launched by Luis de Marcos, but in May 2017 he died due to his illness, and it was his family who decided to continue with the initiative, which has already gathered more than 97,500 signatures. De Marcos was paralyzed from the neck down, and the sclerosis produced such pains that his wife, Asun Gómez-Bueno, had to buy scarves to cover him because he could not stand the rubbing of the "rough sheets of the hospital." "He said he lived in a neoprene suit with crystals inside," the woman recalled a few months after his death.

"We are going to Congress to ask politicians to open their hearts and eyes and see what citizens are asking them to do," said Gómez-Bueno in a statement. These two families will hand over the signatures accompanied by Dr. Marcos Ariel Hourman, the first doctor sentenced in Spain to apply euthanasia to a terminal patient.


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