March 8, 2021

Two earthquakes of magnitude 4 and 3.6 shake El Salvador without generating casualties

Two earthquakes of magnitude 4 and 3.6 on the Richter scale with an epicenter in the waters of the Pacific Ocean shook the southern zone of El Salvador on Wednesday, without any consequences being reported.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) indicated that the quake of magnitude 4 was recorded at 13.14 local time (19.14 GMT) against the department of Usulután (east).

The telluric movement, located 86 kilometers south of El Espino beach, was 40.35 kilometers deep and reached an intensity of two on the modified Mercalli scale.

The quake of 3.6 occurred at 12.03 local time (18.03 GMT) compared to the aforementioned department 35 kilometers south of the mouth of the Lempa River.

The focal depth of this tremor was 43.86 kilometers and the intensity on the Mercalli scale was also two degrees.

The level of potential damage of both earthquakes was "none" and the perception among the population was "very weak", according to the standards managed by the Salvadoran environmental authorities.

The Salvadoran experts registered an earthquake of magnitude 3.7 in front of the Department of La Libertad with 41.22 kilometers of depth and intensity of two.

In El Salvador, most of the earthquakes that occur usually originate in waters of the Pacific Ocean and much deeper, which sometimes makes them imperceptible to the population, while those that originate in land near the surface are more senses and harmful.

The last time El Salvador was ravaged by earthquakes was in the year 2001, when two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 6.6 occurred.

The first tremor was recorded in the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of the country on January 13 and left 944 people dead, while on 13 February of the same year, another occurred, with epicenter in the department of San Vicente (east ).

The latest earthquake killed 315 people, left 82 damaged public buildings and 41,302 homes destroyed nationwide.

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