Two EA leaders charged after the complaint by the critical sector for a possible documentary falsification in the primary controversies

The magistrate of Vitoria Beatriz Eva Román Gobernado has cited as investigated (accused) two leaders of EA and public officials of EH Bildu, Mariano Álava and Iker Ruiz de Egino, after a complaint filed for alleged falsification of documents by the critical sector of EA. They will declare on January 19. This group headed by Maiorga Ramírez and which has the support of the territorial leaders of Álava, Gipuzkoa and Navarra, seeks the convocation of a congress and achieve more weight and autonomy within the national coalition understanding that the leadership of Eva Blanco dilutes the initials of the party founded by Carlos Garaikoetxea in 1986.

All or nothing: EA critics ask that the EH Bildu coalition give visibility to the party or that it be definitively dissolved

All or nothing: EA critics ask that the EH Bildu coalition give visibility to the party or that it be definitively dissolved

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Critics maintain a double judicial process. On the one hand, they resorted to the primary process that allowed Blanco's appointment, understanding that the exclusion of their candidate, Ramírez, did not comply with internal regulations. They lost in the first instance but they keep filing an appeal and won some precautionary measures. They hope to annul the appointment of the secretary general, who is also vice president of the Basque Parliament. But, on the other hand, they activated a criminal proceeding for a "possible document falsification and identity theft", which is what now motivates the accusations of Álava, who is Secretary of Organization and councilor in Amurrio (Álava), and of Ruiz de Egino, who is spokesman and councilor in Loiu (Bizkaia)

The complainants interpret that if the official sector won the trial it was because the sentence was based "mainly on a certificate issued on behalf of EA" by Álava in which it was "concealed" that Maider Carrere, from EH Bildu, had accessed some data of affiliation while such access was "systematically" denied to critics. Regarding Ruiz de Egino, they indicate that he was able to alter a minute of the Party Executive, that of a session that annulled Ramírez's candidacy. "It is a boost to the complaints of irregularities", they consider from the critical sector, which believes "very serious" that these practices could have been given "with the clear intention" of "conditioning" the other judicial process. This sector implores that "internal democracy" and "transparency" be restored in the social democratic party.

The summons is produced with a brief ruling from the instructor Román Gobernado in which the crimes of which both investigated are accused or the indications that lead to the accusation are not mentioned at any time. According to judicial sources, this poses a risk of possible resources. This was the case this year with an accusation in the case of irregularities in the Osakidetza oppositions Y this delayed from the beginning of the year until September the statements of the accused.


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