July 29, 2021

Two doctors from Gran Canaria, among the 50 best in Spain – La Provincia

Two doctors from Gran Canaria, among the 50 best in Spain - La Provincia

The doctor Agustín Viera Ramírez, dermatologist coordinator of the Ivalia Dermatological Clinic in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and the Dr. Humberto Carreras, ophthalmologist Medical co-director of Eurocanarias Oftalmológica, also in the capital of Gran Canaria, has once again appeared in the list of the 50 most valued doctors in Spain with the award Top Doctors 2018.

The Canarian doctors members of the list of Top Doctors 2018 have been chosen among the nearly 4,000 doctors recommended during 2018, as they have obtained the best recognized scores for the patientsThey have more than 15 years of experience and great international recognition.

Top Doctors Awards 2018

The medical directory, Top Doctors, is one of the most prestigious internationally. For more than a decade, this directory has honored medical excellence in U.S and since 2014 has begun to grant this recognition also among Spanish doctors.

The Top Doctors Awards are awarded to the most recommended specialists in the country throughout the past year by their own medical collective, since these are the ones who value the work of their colleagues.

Nomination process

Top Doctors invites the doctors who are part of its platform to participate in the nomination process to prepare the annual list of the best valued doctors in the country. Throughout the year, the medical community itself is the one choose with your votes to the winners.

At the time of voting, doctors value medical excellence, clinical skill and personalized treatment and care for the patient. In addition, those specialists who would recommend themselves to their friends and those who would entrust their health and that of their family are voted.

Finally, once the nominations have been closed, which take place throughout 2018, the result is a list of the best doctors and medical teams in the country. National scope.


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