December 3, 2020

Two detainees enter prison after having a party in Torrevieja and trying to hit an agent

The armed institute has explained that, thanks to citizen collaboration, the agents went to a house where several people had gathered, arriving from other homes, to hold a private party “quite noisy and annoying” for the neighbors.

The agents verified the noise and uproar that was occurring and required documentation from the detainees, who reminded them of the limitations due to the state of alarm. Of the four people present, two men and two women (28, 29, 22 and 36), all refused to identify themselves and one of the boys threw a punch at one of the officers, although he was able to dodge it.

The situation became more tense at the time of reducing the young man as his friends tried to prevent him. As a consequence, after the arrival of reinforcements, the four were detained for an alleged crime of resistance and disobedience and a crime of injury.

After being brought to justice, the chief judge of the Investigating Court number 2 of Torrevieja, on duty, assessed “the absolute contempt” that two of the detainees showed both towards the authorities and the current state of alarm. This attitude, together with the existence of a danger of repetition and flight, led to the provisional entry into prison, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office.


On the other hand, during the dawn of last Saturday, the agents of Torrevieja surprised two men and a woman (21, 24 and 21 years old), when they allegedly committed a robbery with force in a house, from which they were removing various furniture to Take them away in a vehicle. Detainees have also entered prison.

In addition, two other arrests were made for two attempted robberies. The detainees, alleged perpetrators of the events, were 42 and 58 years old. Of these, the 58-year-old has also entered prison.

The last case involving imprisonment occurred after the arrest of another man (82 years old) for having allegedly violated the restraining order issued by the Judicial Authority in a previous case of gender violence.


For their part, on March 17, Civil Guard agents along with the Villena Local Police arrested two men (23 and 39 years old) whom they allegedly surprised by stealing from the premises of a charity.

In addition, these people were the alleged perpetrators of two robberies inside a vehicle and a robbery in a house with the inhabitants inside. After being presented to the judicial authority, his release was decreed.

Finally, on March 23, Civil Guard agents observed a 46-year-old man running down a central Avenida de Villena with a cash register in hand. The investigation determined his alleged involvement in a robbery with intimidation in a store where he allegedly pointed a knife at the clerk. The man was arrested and once brought to justice, he was ordered to enter prison.


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