June 19, 2021

Two deaths and 100 new infections of coronavirus in the Canary Islands

Thus, of the total number of cases, 2,847 are active (-82), of which 72 are admitted to ICU (no variation), 253 remain hospitalized (+5) and 2,522 are at home (-87). In addition, 50,056 people have already overcome the disease on the islands after receiving 180 discharges in the last hours.

Refering to Cumulative Incidence (AI) at 7 days in the Canary Islands it is located at 41.45 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the 14-day AI is at 87 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. To date, a total of 1,72,018 PCR tests have been carried out on the islands, of which 57,054 have tested positive, representing 5.32 percent of the total.

By islands, Tenerife adds 39 new infections with a total of 23,245 accumulated cases, of which 1,864 are epidemiologically active, 411 have died (+1) and 20,970 have overcome the disease; While Gran canaria It has 21,943 accumulated cases (+38), of which 811 are active, 258 have perished (+1) and 20,874 were discharged.

Lanzarote, for its part, accumulates 5,056 (+20), of which 133 are epidemiologically active, 48 have died and 4,875 were discharged; Fuerteventura It has 2,270 accumulated cases (+2), of which 16 are active, 13 died and 2,241 have overcome the disease.

La Palma, for its part, it remains without new chaos with a cumulative 534, of which six are active, six have died and 522 overcame the disease; El Hierro it continues with an accumulated 363, of which 13 remain active, four perished and 346 have been discharged.

La Gomera It also does not have new cases and accumulates 231, of which there are three active, one person has died and 227 have overcome the virus.

Two deaths and 100 new infections of coronavirus in the Canary Islands. The number of patients in ICU due to the virus, 72, remains unchanged and there are five new hospital admissions in the last 24 hours. Read more


Contagions continue to fall in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Active cases in the Canary Islands plummet below 3,000. Read more


Health begins to vaccinate local police and firefighters in the capital of Gran Canaria. Officers from the police and firefighting services receive immunization at Infecar. Read more.

07 · 05 · 2021 21:29

In response to the UK’s decision to exclude all of Spain from the list of safe tourist destinations, the Government of Pedro Sánchez points out that the British authorities have not managed “a sufficiently precise vision” of the “real” epidemiological situation, since the data “at the regional level” offer “greater flexibility” and yield an analysis “much more adjusted to the evolution of the pandemic “. On this occasion, no exceptions have been made and the Canary Islands have been left out of the list of safe destinations along with the rest of the country.

07 · 05 · 2021 18:49

The coronavirus crisis continues to take its toll on the tourism sector. The Government of UK announced this Friday a ‘green list’ of 12 safe countries and territories to which travel will be facilitated starting May 17. The Canary Islands have been excluded from this list of safe places like the rest of Spain. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 17:58

If the positive evolution of the pandemic continues, in the coming months the return of some popular festivals is beginning to be considered, always adapting to the necessary security measures. It is the case of Pine Festival, in Teror, which would foreseeably be held in September, although its format will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. This Friday the first coordination meeting for said celebration was held, and the possibility of holding it in September has been analyzed different cultural, festive and religious proposals. It should be remembered that last year the main solemn and traditional mass events of the Fiestas del Pino were suspended as a preventive measure to avoid massive concentrations of people. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 16:01

By islands, Tenerife This Friday adds 56 cases with a total of 23,206 accumulated cases and 1,939 epidemiologically active cases; Gran canaria It adds 35 cases and has 21,905 accumulated 823 assets.

Lanzarote adds 27 new cases with 5,036 accumulated and 130 epidemiologically active; Fuerteventura adds a new case, so it has 2,268 accumulated cases and 14 active cases. La Palma, adds a new case, stands at 534 accumulated and seven assets; El Hierro it does not register new cases, remaining with 363 accumulated and 13 active.

By last, La Gomera it adds three new cases, so its accumulated are 231 and it has three active cases.

07 · 05 · 2021 15:56

The outbreak of Covid-19 with Origin in a gym in Arrecife and notified this week in Lanzarote, accumulates 40 associated cases, of which 22 are directly related to sports activity and the rest correspond to family ramifications, has reported the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands. Likewise, three new cases reported this morning are being studied to determine if they correspond to close contacts of those affected.

The team of trackers continues to monitor and study the possibility of carrying out a screening to limit the outbreak, determine its scope and prevent new infections, they indicate from Health.

07 · 05 · 2021 15:52

The total accumulated cases in the Canary Islands is 53,544 with 2,909 active, of which 72 are admitted to the ICU and 248 remain hospitalized.

07 · 05 · 2021 15:10

Canary registers 123 new cases from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to the data of the pandemic that the Ministry of Health has just updated. The data for this Friday suppose a slight drop compared to the previous day, when the Archipelago added four deaths and 154 infections due to the virus.

In addition, we must regret the death of three people with coronavirus, an 86-year-old man in Tenerife and a 62-year-old man and a 59-year-old woman in Gran Canaria. All the deceased had previous pathologies and were in hospital admission.

07 · 05 · 2021 14:27

The Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) has until next Monday, May 10, to rule on the request of the Government of the Canary Islands in the sense that it authorizes the measures to be applied in the Archipelago after the end of the state of alarm this Sunday. The Administrative Litigation Chamber of the TSJC at its headquarters in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has registered this Friday the request of the regional Executive.

07 · 05 · 2021 13:55

The alarm state in the Canary Islands ends. And now that? The doubts that arise after this Sunday, May 9. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 13:28

Health resumes this Saturday the vaccination of teachers and local police. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 12:53

Justice does not allow a curfew or maintain confinements in the Basque Country. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 11:42

The Canary Islands sanctioned from this Saturday with up to 600,000 euros to skip the covid rules. Read more

07 · 05 · 2021 11:41

Canarian residents born in 1961 can now make an appointment to get vaccinated against covid. Read more

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