Two dead children and almost 500 immigrants rescued on Spanish coasts

Two dead children and almost 500 immigrants rescued on Spanish coasts

Two children have died trying to reach the Spanish coast on board a boat intercepted in the Alboran Sea by Maritime Rescue, which has managed to rescue the other 53 occupants of the boat and 439 more immigrants who have located in the waters of the Narrow.

Maritime Rescue troops have saved the lives of 492 immigrants, three of them babies, in the nine boats they have sighted since midnight.

One of them is in which the two deceased minors traveled, who sailed from the Moroccan coast in the early hours of Thursday to Friday and which was located late in the afternoon by the vessel "Eleni M".

After facilitating its exact position, the coordinating center of Maritime Rescue in Almería sent the ship "Salvamar Spica" there and when it has reached the vicinity of the boat it has been dislodged.

For this reason, the crew of the ship of Maritime Rescue has had to recover part of its water occupants, among which were the bodies of two minors. Those rescued have indicated that there were "about 55 people" on the boat, including three girls.

Meanwhile, the actions of Maritime Rescue in the Strait began just after midnight, when the boat Salvamar Gadir located a boat in which 39 people were sailing.

Soon, he rescued the 55 occupants of a second boat and, hours later, the ship María Zambrano located a third with 87 people on board, including two women.

This morning, after ten o'clock, the Guardamar Concepción Arenal rescued 51 immigrants traveling in a fourth boat.

The same boat has developed the following two actions, one saving 43 Maghrebi males traveling in a boat and another 45 sub-Saharans, among whom there were 14 women and three babies.

All of them have been transferred to the Port of Algeciras, where in the afternoon they disembarked the other 39 immigrants intercepted by the ship María Zambrano; In parallel, 80 more people were taken to the port of Barbate after being found by the boat Salvamar Atria.

In addition, another boat arrived this morning to the south of Gran Canaria, where six of its occupants have been located thanks to a search device activated by the security forces, which is still operational to try to find more members of the expedition.


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