Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Two contestants of GH Okupa collapse - The Province

Two contestants of GH Okupa collapse - The Province

Little more than24 hours of GH Okupaand this has already given more to talk than many other reality shows. The contest, which began last Friday, has captured the attention of the rest of theTelecincoand has even caughtmore than 25,000 people at a time on their live YouTube channel.

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The problems have been established in those who are worse in their daily lives.Victor Sandoval does not raise his headand today, before the test of the tweezers it could not be more and it exploded. "I do not care about everything, here I came with all the consequences, I will give my best, if I do not try I will not win"he said when the rest asked him not to participate because of the recent hair operation he has undergone.María PatiñoHe then asked him why it is so important for him to win the test and stay inside the house. It was at that moment that the tertuliano collapsed and confessed "the greatest" between tears. "You already know my economic situation, I have four months of floor, I have been a year impounded, I do not think I deserve to be humiliated, I have operated because I did not think I would come. I'm going to try, I do not want to be a handicapped", he came to saySandoval

WithoutSandovaland withoutCarmen Borrego, who did not feel at all animated, began the test of the tweezers. The contestants had a minute to put on their faces as many clothespins as they could. Finally, the winner wasAnabel Pantoja, who dedicated the victory to his mother. The niece ofIsabel Pantojais immune and can not be expelled.

At the moment the first finalist of the program isGustavo. The collaborator ofTelecincohe was the first to find a shirt with the logo of the program, in addition to becoming the first contestant to choose the6,000 euros of the final prizeHe also had the opportunity to throw one of his classmates. The boyfriend ofMaria Lapiedrahe did not doubt it and threw it out of the house ofBig Brother OkupatoRafa Mora.That was not the first mess.Carmen BorregoHe got involved with his sister, who is not in the house, for pointing her out as a servant of the house.Belén Rodríguezgot angry withVíctor Sandovalfor revealing his age. The collaborator asked if he could gel the body of the washing machine, and wanted to ask the Super. "You do not have to ask, daughter, you are 52 years old like me, "said Víctor Sandoval on the issue." Would you mind not revealing my age in the 24 hours of Big Brother?I reproachedBelen, angry.


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