Two companies manage since 2018 without contract several dependency centers in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

Two companies have been in charge of the management of three dependency centers in the Canary Islands without a contract since 2018. Specifically, it is the one that the General Directorate of Dependency and Disability has in the area of ​​La Isleta, in Gran Canaria; in addition to the Center for Physical Disability Care (CADF) El Sauzal and another residence located in Los Gladiolos, which assists people with Alzheimer's and other dementias.

In this way, three of the four centers that depend directly on the Canary Government, they are currently in a contract nullity situation.

This is confirmed by the director general of Dependency and Disability of the Canary Executive, Miguel Montero, who assures that this circumstance has been generated by the expiration of the deadlines established in the tenders, without those responsible for the Ministry in the previous mandate put any remedy.


Thus, in the case of La Isleta, the contract expired in December 2018, as was the case for Los Gladiolos, both managed by Clece and Afate; while that of El Sauzal, the contract with Iscan expired on January 31, 2018. From those dates, the companies issued invoices month by month justifying the expenses derived from the services provided, which were then paid by the Canary Islands Government. However, Montero notes that on some occasions the Ministry did not pay these funds, and there are unpaid bills since October 2018.

The regional official indicates that, due to this nullity of the contracts, the Ministry has detected that some of these companies - although they have continued to pay the necessary attention to users - have neglected the maintenance of the centers and have not undertaken necessary works in they.

Montero indicated its intention to solve the situation of the three centers, whose management is in nullity of contract. The regional official said that it has been proposed to tender the management of these centers throughout 2020 to regularize it. "We would have liked to do it before, but there were no funds in the 2019 budgets that would allow us," he argued. Therefore, his intention is to do it as soon as possible, although he warned that, although they are already preparing the specifications due to the new contract law, the tender may be delayed a few months. The regional official said he did not understand the "lack of foresight" of the previous government team, which let the terms of the contracts expire, in an attitude that, in his view, can only be carried out by "neglect and contempt for users ".

As for the situation that may arise as a result of the neglect that these companies have had regarding the maintenance of the centers, Montero is cautious and pointed out that the situation is being assessed, since "it is legally complicated". The director General explained that, since there is no contract that governs the obligations of the company in providing this service, it may be difficult to claim the amounts that have stopped investing. And he pointed out that "we have 100% of the places occupied" and also a large waiting list of people who demand a vacancy in one of the centers of the Islands.


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