April 20, 2021

Two children's players from the Levante diffuse the photo in a partner's shower – La Provincia

Two children's players from the Levante diffuse the photo in a partner's shower - La Provincia

The Levante Unión Deportiva has been sentenced to compensate with 3,000 euros, together with the parents of two players of the women's team, a a thirteen-year-old ex-player who was photographed naked by her roommates when she was in the showers of the Picassent sports center after playing a match. The minors, of the same age and therefore criminally incompetent, disseminated the image through social networks to other colleagues in April 2016.

The Court of First Instance 21 of Valencia condemns the parents of the two companions of the victim to be "responsible for the damages caused by the children who are under their custody." He also condemned the club to which the three children belonged for "not using the diligence of a good father of the family" and allowing two of his players to photograph their victim in the changing rooms. given their age "they require a bonus of control or protection of their actions".

Although the sentence does not finally prove that it is a bullying behavior, the youngest reports that she had been suffering insults and ridicule for some time by these two teammates. In fact, even before the shooting incident occurred in April 2016, he had already spoken with his coach, who came to share the facts with the club and talked with the parents of the two players They allegedly harassed her.

"These are children's things," they told the plaintiff when she detected what was happening to her daughter. "I saw her go with fear of training, but she did not tell me anything, "explains the mother." Until one day she told me she did not want to continue training, that was not normal, "she argues.

He considered leaving football

The harassment situation was such that even he came to consider abandoning football, his true passion since childhood, confesses the minor. "When she was eleven years old, she wrote a letter to Santa Claus so that her parents could sign her up for football, how she had to be so that when she was thirteen years old she wanted to leave everything behind," recalls her mother. The straw that broke the camel's back and that made the woman go directly to the police was the aforementioned photograph that is now condemned by the civil way Levante UD and the parents of the two alleged harashers.

The version that the two players of the women's team have maintained is that they made a selfi in the dressing room and that in the background they saw their partner in the shower "in a casual way". However, the ruling clarifies that "it is not a selfie" and that "it is observed with clear clarity that the objective and center of the photo is the least." In fact, one of the companions is practically out of the photo and the other "clearly points to its objective, which is far from being a costume photograph, as alleged at the hearing, of those that are usually done to celebrate victory".

For its part, the Levante UD alleged that the events took place at the Picassent facilities, outside the club, and that according to the regulations of the internal regime, "mobile phones will remain turned off in the locker room". Also, just having knowledge of what happened activated the sanctioning protocol describing the events as "very serious", although it ended with only two games of expulsion.

The judge believes that they did not do everything necessary to ensure the protection of the child, thus emphasizes that there was no adult in the locker room. A witness said that inside the locker room "they did what they wanted". Hence, the club has to compensate jointly with the parents of the two players with 3,000 euros for the moral damages to the minor photographed.

"It's an exemplary sentence, lteens should know that every illegal act has its consequences and that their parents, responsible for their education, are responsible for their actions, "says Amparo Costa, attorney for the plaintiff.


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