Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Two candidates are disputed this Wednesday the rectorate of the Complutense

Two candidates are disputed this Wednesday the rectorate of the Complutense

The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) holds rectorial elections on Wednesday, with only two candidates - the current rector Carlos Andradas and the veterinary professor Joaquín Goyache - and in which 82,270 people in total are called to vote. they 71,808 students.

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The electoral census of the largest face-to-face university in Spain is completed by 2,895 permanent doctors, 3,530 administrative and service workers, 1,603 full-time teachers and 2,434 part-time teachers.

For the first time, elections to the Rectorship of the Complutense, which has 26 faculties, will be resolved in the first round, since in previous elections up to eight candidates were presented and in the last ballots, in 2015, there were five candidates for the position, resulting winner in the second round the mathematician Carlos Andradas.

According to the Statutes of the Complutense, the vote is weighted by sectors of the university community, being the votes of Professor doctors permanently linked the most computed, 53 percent.

They are followed by the group of students, the most numerous, with a weight of 25 percent; that of the administration and service staff (PAS), with 12 percent of value; while the votes of the rest of the teaching and research staff compute 10 percent in the weighting.

The voting tables, located in each faculty and in the Rector's Office, will be open from 9 am to 8 pm. After this time, the university will broadcast live the count by tables from its website.

The candidate who obtains the proportional support of more than half of the votes validly cast will be proclaimed rector, once the weightings contemplated in the Bylaws have been applied.

During their campaigns, both candidates have agreed to criticize the "under-financing" of the university and have assured that they will be "loyal" to the next Government of the Community, but "firm with the university needs".

The UCM is the Spanish university with the largest educational offer that the last course included 91 degrees, 165 master's degrees, 185 own degrees, 59 doctoral programs and 160 courses of continuing education.


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