Two Caf Pans establishments open at the Gran Canaria airport - La Provincia

The restoration division en route of theEat Out Travel Grouphas opened two establishmentsCoffee Pansat the airport of Gran Canaria, with which at the end of this year a total of 13 Café Pans will be added to the Travel channel in Spain, located at the airports ofBarcelona, ​​Madrid, Menorca, Bilbaoand soon inMalaga, as well as in several AVE stations.

Thenew openings at the airport of Gran Canariathey are located in the aerodrome's regional arrival and departure areas. These are framed in the six points of sale that were awarded by Aena to Eat Out Travel at the end of 2017, the exploitation having a validity of eight years, until 2026, according to the company in a press release.

Regarding the location of theArrivals areaIt has 150 square meters, with capacity to accommodate more than 70 visitors; while that of theregional departure areaIt has 242 square meters and a capacity of 151 guests.

Thus, they indicate that the establishmentsPans Coffee from Eat Out TravelThey are having a "great reception" on the part of the public, since it is the new concept of business driven byPans & Companycharacterized by being "very cozy and comfortable" spaces, where people can enjoy a good coffee and homemade pastries peacefully, while awaiting the boarding of their flights.

In addition, the company is immersed in the remodeling project of another 34 establishments in theGran Canaria airport, where he will manage other brands likeDehesa Santamaría, Caffè di FioreorCoffee Republic, and that he hopes that throughout the next weeks they will be fully operational, so that by April 2019 the file is completed with the opening of the sixth location.


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