April 14, 2021

Two Bolivian ministers confined by COVID-19 positives in their families

The acting Minister of Defense of Bolivia, Luis Fernando López, and his interim colleague for the Environment, María Elva Pinckert, reported on Tuesday that they are in quarantine after the positives for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (causing the COVID disease). -19) confirmed in each of their families.

“My wife Katya has tested positive for the coronavirus, our family is quarantined accordingly. I surely brought the virus to my home due to circumstances of my work,” López said in a video broadcast by the Ministry of Defense on his social networks.

The acting minister said he is waiting for the result of a test that was carried out to verify if he acquired the disease or not and that from now on he will keep forty-four days as established by the health protocols.

“In these days I will continue working for our country,” López assured with a good face and without any visible sign of decline.

In the last part of his message, after recommending security criteria to the population in the face of the pandemic, the authority of the country’s interim government asked Bolivians to “pray” for the health of their home since their family will do the same for the country’s population.

“My solidarity with Katya, wife of Defense Minister @ Ferlopezjulio1 and with her family. Katya has tested positive for the coronavirus,” Bolivian interim president Jeanine Áñez wrote on Twitter in a message in which she said that she prays for “for their health and that of all Bolivians”.

López is one of the ministers who has been characterized for being in the field and in places where the pandemic has been most implacable in Bolivia, such as the Santa Cruz region, which presents almost a thousand cases out of the total of 1,681 in the country, in addition to Oruro, on whose border with Chile a military camp was set up for the return of Bolivians from that country.

In turn, the interim Minister for the Environment communicated in a video that she published on Facebook that she is in “quarantine” after learning of a positive case in her family and that she awaits the results of the analysis that will confirm whether or not she acquired COVID-19. .

Pinckert, like López, worked on the ground in various regions of the country to deliver biosecurity equipment and basic food packages.

A few weeks ago, the country’s interim government had announced that two of its ministers were isolated, but nevertheless the subsequent studies that were made ruled out that they had contracted the coronavirus, despite the fact that one appeared in public when it was reported about it.

Bolivia records 82 deaths and 1,681 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the first cases reported in early March.


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