Two alleged victims reveal Cardinal Pell's abuse as children

Two alleged victims of child sexual abuse by Cardinal Pell, who is serving a six-year prison sentence for pedophile crimes related to two other cases, publicly revealed the events on Australian public television for the first time.

Pell, who next Tuesday will hear the decision of the Australian High Court on the latest appeal available to him, was convicted last year on five charges of sexual abuse, including one for oral penetration, committed against two children of the Cathedral choir St Patrick's in 1996 and 1997, when he was Archbishop of Melbourne.

However, the new testimonies are related to a case that was shelved about the allegations of sexual abuse made against Pell that date back to the 1970s, when he was a priest in his hometown of Ballarat, in southern Australia.

Bernie, whose last name was not disclosed by the ABC network, was raised in an orphanage in Ballarat where he claims to have been abused multiple times by Pell, he declared in the last chapter of the documentary series "Revelation", which will be broadcast this Thursday.

The alleged victim, currently 53 years old, stated that during this time in which he saw Pell ascend to the highest ecclesiastical hierarchies, he did not report the facts because he considered that they would not believe him.

Bernie recounts in detail the fingering on his genitals and butt that was allegedly made by the former head of Vatican Finance.

For his part, Australian Peter Clark, who was also in the same orphanage, declared to ABC that Pell touched him indecently during games in the Ballarat pool.

The man stated that he did not know then that it was sexual abuse, but he still remembers the enormous pain in the anus.

The Police took a statement from both alleged victims, but the case was filed by the Victoria state attorney.

Throughout the process, Pell has maintained that he is innocent of all charges of child sexual abuse.


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