May 16, 2021

Two activists of the Brazilian "landless" are assassinated in a camp

Two activists of the Brazilian "landless" are assassinated in a camp

Two activists of the Landless Movement (MST) of Brazil were shot dead in a camp that leftist organization mounted on a farm that has occupied for about two years, official sources reported today.

The incident occurred on Saturday night around the city of Alhandra, in the state of Paraiba (northeast) and, according to some witnesses to the police authorities, the perpetrators of the shooting were several hooded men.

The police indicated that, according to the first investigations, 12 and 26 caliber shotguns and a 38 caliber revolver were used and that the dead were identified as Rodrigo Celestino and José Bernardo da Silva.

Commissioner Lídia Veloso, responsible for the case, said that the first hypothesis points to an "execution", because the murderers, when they arrived at the camp, went directly to the two victims, asked other people to step aside and fired.

According to the witnesses, "they said they only wanted them, they sent the others out of the middle and shot," he explained.

The MST is one of the most active peasant organizations in the country and maintains hundreds of occupations in almost the entire national territory, in demand of an agrarian reform.

The ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro, president-elect of Brazil and who will take office on January 1, has already announced his decision to frame these occupations as acts of "terrorism", as well as those promoted in urban areas by the Movimiento de los Sin Roof, another militant organization of the left.

For this, Bolsonaro has said that he will push for a reform of the antiterrorist law, so the final decision on that matter will be in the hands of Parliament, also renewed in the elections last October and to be installed in February 2019.


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