Twitter will charge $8 for verified accounts


The new owner of the social network has branded the company's current system as "shit" just a week after taking over the company

Fernando Morales Rodríguez

Twitter will charge eight dollars a month to have the account verified. This has been announced by Elon Musk, the new owner of the social network, through a tweet in which he has assured that the current system “of lords and peasants on Twitter to know who has or does not have a blue check mark is shit ».

The announcement comes just five days after the world's richest man took the reins of a company that already only has one person on its board of directors: Elon Musk. Thus, the payment system for having a verified account is one of the first decisions made by the multimillionaire. And he does it, according to the message he has published, with a clear objective: "Power to the people!" All though he assures that the price will be "proportional to the purchasing power" of each country and will serve as a source of income to "reward content creators."

With this new payment system, Musk gives other advantages to those users who pay to be privileged in their "great plaza". And it is that these tweeters will also have priority in responses, mentions and searches, which is, in the tycoon's opinion, "essential to defeat spam and fraud."

Elon Musk kicks out the entire Twitter board of directors

It should be remembered that it was on account of the number of false accounts that the also owner of Tesla decided to break the purchase agreement (valued at 44,000 million dollars) that he signed in April.

Musk denounced that the old address of the social network did not provide him with the real data of false accounts and bots, so the company, to face the accusations, put in his hands all the information they had since the creation of the platform. After back and forth, the company denounced him, although Musk, to avoid trial, accepted the initial agreement on October 28.