April 14, 2021

Twitter triggers profit thanks to a fiscal adjustment and earns more than 1,000 million in a quarter | Economy

Twitter closed the second quarter earning more than it enters. The electronic log reflects in its results a net profit of 1,120 million dollars (1,000 million euros). It is eleven times more than in the same period a year ago. The turnover of the electronic logbook, which has 139 million users who consume advertising, was 840 million. Billing is 20% higher.

The detail of the results, however, reflects that this increase in profit is mainly explained by a fiscal adjustment. The adjusted profit would remain at 37 million discounting it. In that case, the gain would be less than half a year ago. Twitter, in any case, is becoming profitable. The results, in addition, are better than expected and that made their shares rise 4%.

The number of “monetizable” users grew by 14%. It is a new metric that shows investors how the service generates money through advertising. They are users that can generate benefits. Advertising revenues grew 24% in the United States and 16% in the rest of the markets. Twitter expects to generate a similar revenue volume in the third quarter and an operating profit of about 60 million.

Jack Dorsey, its CEO, called the company's performance "solid" because of the strength of the US thanks to the new tools it gives advertisers. It also stands out in parallel the efforts you are making to combat "malicious behaviors" on the platform In this regard, it reports that there was an 18% decrease in complaints of suspicious activity.

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