April 16, 2021

Twitter seeks an option for users to "clarify" old tweets – The Province

TwitterIt is studying to introduce in its platform a new feature that allows users to carry outa "clarification" of ancient tweetswith the aim of adding context to the publication, as has been assured by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

At an event held on Thursday in San Francisco (United States), the CEO of the company said that the phenomenon ofpersonalities affected or "canceled by things they said on Twitteror in other social networks in the past ", as Recode has collected.

According to Dorsey, "there is no credible way to go back and clarify or even have a conversation to show learning and transition since then."

As an alternative measure, Dorsey assures that from Twitter they study ways to allow users to add a "clarification" to old or recent tweets, something that has been expressed in a way "show the original tweet – like a retweet or retweeted comment.

Dorsey has raised a way that clarification is more related to the publication, so that the original publication can not be retweeted but only the clarification, "so that it is always accompanied by that context".

The CEO of Twitter has ensured that this function is pursued "add some context and color to what users have tweeted or what they wanted to say", although at the moment it is a function that is only being studied.


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