September 21, 2020

Twitter prohibits "paid political propaganda" – The Province

The founder and executive director ofTwitter,Jack dorsey, announced on Wednesday the decision of the company ofend the publication of "paid political propaganda"in the global social network.

"We believe thatThe scope of the political message must be earned, not purchased", he said, in a series of messages on Twitter." A political message gains scope when people decide to follow an account or 'retweet'. Paying for that reach ends that decision, forcing highly optimized and targeted messages about people, "he argued.

Thus, he stressed thatthe company "believes that this decision should not be put at risk for the money"and has pointed out that "while internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertisers, that power poses significant risks to politics, where it can be used to influence votes that affect the lives of millions of people."

Dorsey has argued that "political ads on the Internet pose totally new challenges for civic discourse", before pointing out that the consequences include"unproven misleading information and deep falsehoods"at" a growing speed, sophistication and a superlative scale ".

"These challenges will affect all communication on the internet, not just propaganda ads. It is better to focus our efforts on the causes of origin, without the additional burden and complexity of money," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that "trying to fix both means not adding any good", which "damages the credibility" of Twitter. "It is not credible that we say:'We are working hard to prevent people from playing with our systems to publish misleading information, but if someone pays us to address a person and force them to see their propaganda, they can say whatever they want. '"

Dorsey has pointed out that the company considered stopping only the propaganda of candidates, although it has considered that "there was a way to get around it." "Further,it's not fair that all but the candidates can buy advertisingon issues they want to push, "he said.

He also said he is aware that "some will say that the actions taken could favor the candidates, but many social movements of a massive scale have been seen without political announcements." "I trust this will only increase," he added.

"The transparency in the requirements for the ads is a progress, but it is not enough. The Internet gives totally new capabilities and regulators have to think beyond the present to ensure a balanced playing field," he said.

Finally, he said thatthe decision "is not about freedom of expression, but about paying to achieve scope". "Paying to increase the scope of a political discourse has significant ramifications that the current political infrastructure may not be prepared to manage. It is worth taking a step back to address it," he has settled.

The company's definitive policy in this regard will be published on November 15, including some exceptions, such as announcements to encourage voter registration, and will begin to be applied from the 22 of that month.


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