May 13, 2021

Twitter once again suspends the activity of the Vox account for “incitement to hatred” and Abascal announces a complaint

Vox has once again seen some of the functions of its Twitter account temporarily limited because it considers that it has breached some of the rules that govern this social network, including the one “that prohibits hateful conduct.” The far-right formation had started a campaign in networks with the slogan “Stop Islamization” and had recently uploaded several comments against the groups of Maghrebian and Muslim immigrants whom it related to crime in the Canary Islands and in Catalonia where this Thursday begins the electoral campaign. In one of these comments, Vox stated that these groups “account for approximately 0.2% and are responsible for 93% of the complaints.” “The majority are from the Maghreb. It is Catalonia that is leaving unanimous indolence and complicity with imported crime. There is only Vox!”, They expressed in the tweet.

The reaction of the president of the far-right formation, Santiago Abascal, and other party leaders has not been long in coming and they have announced that they will file a complaint against Twitter, while describing the decision as “censorship”. “Twitter today plays the game of violent people and manipulators. While some literally stone us, others demonize us, others manipulate us, and Twitter silences us so that we have no defense,” Abascal lamented in several messages that have been posted on the net.

“By the way, the tweet that has motivated the censorship offers data on the violence suffered by Spaniards … in Catalonia or the Canary Islands. The technological millionaires do not want to know the consequences of the migratory invasion that they promote together with some governments” , he pointed out later.

Abascal has linked the decision to temporarily close the Vox account to the criticisms that the PP has launched at them for abstaining from the decree debated today in Congress on the distribution of funds from the European Union to alleviate the pandemic, thereby encouraging the Government take it out. “The same day and at the same time that the PP, with its subsidized media, launches a gross disinformation campaign against Vox, this social network censors our official account preventing us from launching our message and explaining our positions,” he complained.

It is not the first time that Twitter has temporarily frozen the account of the far-right formation. In January of last year it was also suspended for a tweet that they uploaded that they considered offensive to the LGTBI collective. The comment “violates the Twitter Policy on hate speech,” a spokesperson also assured then: “To unblock the account, the user only has to delete the offending tweet,” Twitter demanded but Vox refused to delete it. , accusing the social network of “censorship”.

Then the formation became entangled with the PSOE spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, for recriminating their phobia of this group. “What we cannot bear is that you come into our house or that you tell us how we have to educate our children. And even less that with public money you promote pedophilia,” those of Abascal replied to the socialists.

Abascal’s formation also launched a campaign against “the tech giants” after the accounts of former US President Donald Trump were suspended. The far-right party already expressed his complaint a long time ago. “We witness with deep concern how the main social network platforms have repeatedly violated the right to freedom of expression by censoring many of the content that both our public officials and affiliates are publishing on their profiles.” In May they congratulated the defeated outgoing US president for promoting a decree to try to curb the power of this platform after seeing how the hoaxes that were uploaded to his account were dismantled.


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