Twitter now allows you to choose who can reply to a tweet after posting it

Twitter continues to take steps to avoid inconvenient responses.

Twitter continues to take steps to avoid inconvenient responses.

Twitter has added more options for users can choose which accounts allow them to reply to their posts, and now it will be possible to change these permissions after posting a tweet.

The ‘microblogging’ platform since August last year allows users to select who can reply to the conversations they have started on the platform. This option could be originally chosen when writing tweets.

Now, the official Twitter security account has announced that the configuration of which accounts can reply to a tweet can now be changed after publishing the content.

Accessing this new configuration is possible clicking on the three-dot options icon next to each tweet, with the option ‘change who can reply’.

As was the case since last year, users can choose between three options: everyone (the default setting), only the people you follow or only the people you mention.

The tweets for which the last two options are chosen are labeled and the reply icon is grayed out for those who cannot reply. People who can’t reply yes can view, retweet, retweet with Comment, share, and like.

These configuration possibilities prevented, during the function tests, an average of three potentially abusive responses, while only a retweet with potentially abusive comment was added.


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