Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Twitter mocks the bluish look of Will Smith

Twitter se burla del azulado aspecto de Will Smith en Aladdin: “Parece papá Pitufo”

Twitter is not quite convinced of the bluish tone of Will Smith at remake of Aladdin that Disney is preparing. The fans are delighted that the actor lives the famous genius of the lamp, capable of granting three wishes to everyone who rubs it. However, they do not just see clearly that the interpreter has to comply with the chromatic requirements.

It should be remembered that, in its animated version, the character is blue. However, on the cover of the magazine Entertainment Weekly, responsible for filtering the first images of the film, Smith appeared with his natural color. In fact, that will be its true aspect in the scenes in which it adopts its human form but, as a general rule, it will be blue.

After visualizing the second advance of the film, in which the peculiar aspect of Smith is evident, the users have gone crazy in the networks. Some have even compared the actor to 'Papa Smurf'. Others, however, have come to confuse him with a new Avatar character, since James Cameron's project is currently in full swing.

Look aside, Will Smith has before him the difficult task of making us forget Robin Williams, who gave life to the genius in English, or Josema Yuste, in the version dubbed in Spanish. A challenge not easy but which hopes to be victorious.

The remake will hit theaters next May 24, but before, the fans will have an appointment in theaters on March 29 with peculiar Dumbo by Tim Burton. In case you know a little, in summer, specifically on July 19, nostalgia will reach the big screen with The Lion King.

The remake will hit theaters on May 24


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