July 28, 2021

Twitter launches the Fleets: this is their new ‘stories’ – La Provincia

Twitterhas introduced on Wednesday the ‘Fleets’, a type of ephemeral content that allows to share fleeting thoughts and follow the conversation in private messages, and that the company has begun to test in Brazil.

Fleets‘is a new function to “share momentary reflections”, as they point out from the company. What users share will disappear after24 hourswithout having ‘retuits’, ‘Like’ or public responses.

As they explain from the company in a statement sent to Europa Press, it is addressed to those users who feel “uncomfortable” when posting on the platform “becausetweets are public, permanentand they also have numbers of ‘retuits’ and ‘likes’ that are public. “

With this in mind, ‘Fleets’ allows users to“have conversations in another way,with less pressure and more control. “Although it focuses on the text, you can also add videos, GIFs or images.

To respond to a ‘Fleet’, you just have to tap on it to send a direct message or an emoji. From Twitter they point out that the conversation continues in thedirect messages. If the user has the open direct message mode, anyone can react to their ‘Fleets’.

This new type of content has begun to be tested in Brazil, one of the countries that uses Twitter “conversationally”, according to the company.It will be available during this week, only on Twitter for iOS and Android.

Depending on how this test works, the company will consider launching “soon“Fleets” in other countries.


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