Twitter introduces notices about "intense" conversations

Twitter you have entered in your mobile application a notification that will notify the user if you are about to join a conversation that can be "intense", a function in tests that already advanced in September.

The notice is being tested in the applications of Android and of ios, where it is shown in a blue box below the 'tweet' that starts the conversation, with the icon of a campaign. In it you can read that "Conversations like this can be intense."

The company explains from its support profile that for this notification they take into account both the subject of the 'tweet' and the relationship between the 'tweet', the author and who responds to it.

However, it indicates that the criteria they use to determine the conversations in which the notice will be displayed may change, as this is a test with which they expect "learn how to best support healthy conversation."

The company announced in September that it was working on this new notification, along with other developments, such as new controls to remove followers without being notified or get out of a conversation where we have been mentioned.


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