Twitter introduces a change so that half-read tweets do not ‘disappear’

Twitter application logo.

Twitter application logo.

Twitter has updated the web version of the platform to modify the chronology refresh system (‘timeline‘), in order to correct the problem that makes the’ tweets’ disappear half read by the user.

One of the functions that Twitter users least like is the automatic refresh of the chronology to show the new publications, which sometimes leads to the loss of the ‘tweets’ that users have started to read.

From Twitter they recognized that it was a “frustrating experience”, and explained that this effect of ‘tweets’ that disappear in the middle of their reading occurs because the ‘tweets’ advance in the chronology as new responses are added to the ongoing conversation.

Then they announced an update that would modify the refreshment system, which this Tuesday is already available on the web version of the social network, as confirmed through your Support profile.

Now you can choose when you want to upload the new tweets to your timeline“, they indicate from the company, which indicates that for this you only have to click on the counter bar of ‘tweets’ that appears at the top.


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