September 25, 2020

Twitter cancels its SMS service to avoid vulnerabilities – La Provincia

Twitterhas deactivated its serviceTwitter by SMS, which allowed users of the platform to publish tweets through text messages, after having discovered several security vulnerabilities in the system such as SIM ‘hacking’.

Last September, Twitter already suspended the SMS service for asecurity breach. The company then disabled it for most countries in the world, although it enabled it in “some places that depend on the service,” such as countries with unstable networks.

Now, Twitter has announced through its official account that, due to security problems, the Twitter service by SMSis canceled again, except in “a few countries”where it is kept.

For users of the SMS service, Twitter has recommended that they use their application for mobile devices or their desktop version through their website, from where they can alsomanage the receipt of notifications.

However, the platform maintains the use of SMS for access to “important messages necessary to identify yourself and manage your accounts”, for actions such as two-factor authentication.

By using a vulnerability present in the Twitter service by SMS, the account of the CEO of the company,Jack dorsey, was hacked last year through SIM ‘hacking’, an attack technique with which cybercriminals gain access through the telephone number associated with Twitter.


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