Twitter Blue, the new payment service of the social network

Twitter launches its subscription service in the US for $ 2.99 per month.

Twitter launches its subscription service in the US for $ 2.99 per month.

Paid subscription Twitter Blue begins to be available in new markets with its extension to the United States and New Zealand, where it is now possible to navigate between articles without appearing ads and customize the shortcuts in the bottom bar.

Twitter Blue has been available in Canada and Australia for months, and from this Tuesday also in the United States and New Zealand, thus marking the beginning of the expansion of this subscription, which for $ 3 gives access to additional functions and advantages that are not in the standard version of the social network.

Until now, paid users could find functions such as bookmarks folders, to save and manage tweets; undo ‘tweet’, which establishes a 30-second window of time to review the ‘tweet’ in a preview and modify it before finally publishing it; and a read mode, which converts threads into “easy-to-read text”.

Since this Tuesday, new features related to the media articles. On the iOS and desktop version (US only), subscribers can access the accounts of a number of publishers to navigate between the articles they publish without displaying ads. The most outstanding articles in the last 24 hours will also be collected at the top of the ‘feed’.

This novelty is accompanied by a program by which Twitter pays a part of the subscription to these media. “Our goal is to help each editorial partner earn 50% more per person than they would have earned by showing ads to that person,” they explain from the company on its official blog.

The navigation bar at the bottom can also be customized, with the choice of icons of the functions that the user wants to have more at hand, and not the configuration that the platform has by default. Subscribers have a preview of the final result of the message they want to send, with the option to ship now or undo the shipment. They can also choose a reading mode more like for long conversation threads or change the size of the text.

Moreover, at the end of October, Twitter announced new labs (‘labs’) for its paid subscription Blue, With which it offers early access to functions that are not present in the standard social network, such as the ability to upload longer videos.


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