Twitch will require verification to use chat on some channels

Image of the Twitch logo.

Image of the Twitch logo.

The platform of 'streamingTwitch has updated its moderation tools to allow streamers to require verification before viewers can post comments on their channel chat.

New Twitch Features Pursue Creators "have better control of your chat experience and improve security" Through options such as providing the phone number or extended controls by email, as Twitch has reported in a statement.

With the first of the options, Twitch channels They are now able to require their viewers to verify their phone number before they can write comments on their channel's live chat.

Twitch offers the possibility for creators to choose which users should verify their phone, among all accounts, only those who access for the first time or who are very recent followers (the period can be set between ten minutes and three months) or who have recently created their account (between one hour and six months).

Channel owners can also set exceptions to paid VIP subscribers, as well as who act as moderators, who will not have to be verified.

You can use a phone number to verify a maximum of five Twitch accounts. Likewise, in the event that an account is sanctioned, the user will not be able to access the rest of their associated accounts for the duration of the account. This measure also applies to verification emails.

Users who verify their phone number on a Twitch channel they will not have to do it every time they access, Instead, doing it once will be enough for all the channels of the platform.


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