Twenty young people are trapped on a roof in Campillos (Málaga)

Twenty young people are trapped on a roof in Campillos (Málaga)

Twenty young people have been trapped on the roof of a garage in Campillos (Malaga) and a bus with 66 people and 15 cars blocked on a road by the accumulation of water as a result of heavy rains that have occurred in the north of this province Andalusian

According to the Efe Emergency Coordination Center 112 in Andalusia, a firefighter who was in a truck of this body has disappeared after dumping the vehicle on the road between Campillos and Teba. The other two people who traveled there have been rescued.

The missing person is being sought by the Aquatic Specialties Group of the Civil Guard (GEAS), according to the same source.

It has also requested the rescue of more than 30 people from a catering establishment in Campillos for entry and rise of water level in the premises and has requested the rescue of a vehicle dragged by the current with five people inside, including a minor , on the same road that the fire truck overturned.

Rail traffic has been interrupted at two points: between Campillos and Almargen, and Fuente de Piedra and La Roda (Seville).

The most affected localities are Almargen, Antequera, Ardales, Carratraca, Casarabonela, Campillos, Fuente de Piedra, Humilladero, Sierra de Yeguas and Teba, all in Malaga, in whose province there have been 311 incidents, of which 159 have been this dawn .

In total, heavy rains have affected 20 municipalities, a number that represents one fifth of the municipalities of the province of Malaga, where most of the incidents are flooding, overflows, damage to roads and rescues of people and vehicles.

The 112 of Andalusia has coordinated 498 incidents throughout the community since yesterday, 198 the last dawn.

The rain, according to the same source, has also affected the province of Seville, in which 108 incidents have occurred.


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