Twelve police officers investigated for another ‘kick in the door’ in a Madrid apartment during the state of alarm

An agent of the National Police

An agent of the National Police

A judge has cited as investigated twelve agents of the National Police for supposedly enter an apartment in Madrid during the state of alarm for him coronavirus without the consent of its occupants or a court order, in an action known as “kick in the door“.

The investigating judge number 4 of Madrid who investigates the complaint of the occupants of the apartment, for some events that occurred at dawn of the December 9, 2020, cites the agents on October 13 and 18 in a ruling to which EFE has had access and which has been advanced this Friday by the newspaper El País.

The events took place at dawn on December 9, 2020 when the agents went to the apartment, located at number 14 Calle de Pan y Toros in the Madrid district of Villaverde, notified by a neighbor who claimed to hear screams.

In his resolution, the magistrate cites two women as witnesses and six of the police officers for October 13 and the rest of the agents under investigation for October 18.

As stated in the proceedings, the agents allegedly entered without a warrant and the occupants of the house, who assured that they were celebrating the birthday of one of them, They were detained for attacking the authority for allegedly preventing their identification and resisting arrest., which also led to a judicial investigation.

At the same time the occupants of the house, represented by the lawyer Marina Fernández, also denounced the police for breaking and entering considering that they did not commit any crime that justified entering the apartment.

On another similar case occurred in a tourist apartment on Lagasca street in Madrid on March 21 lThe Provincial Court of Madrid ordered the same Court that, in addition to not admitting the complaint of the police who participated in an illegal party, to deduct testimony to investigate whether the agents committed a criminal offense for the non-consensual entry into that address.


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