March 3, 2021

Twelve killed by traffic accidents, six of them in abuses

Twelve people have lost their lives in two accidents that have been recorded on Spanish roads, six of them due to abuses, between 3 pm on Friday and 8 pm on Sunday, according to the provisional balance of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT ).

On Friday three fatal accidents took place, on Saturday four and this Sunday, five. In addition, there is one hospitalized injured and seven others, the DGT has reported.

Three people died on Friday in three abuses that occurred on the A-31 motorway in Rebolledo (Alicante), on the A-7 motorway at the height of San Roque (Cádiz) and on the conventional CA-422 road passing through Marina de Cudeyo (Cantabria).

On Saturday, there was a fatal outrage in Seville, on the A-8009 road, and three other accidents in which three people died.

On the AP-9 motorway in Bergondo (A Coruña) a tourist got off the road and collided; on the BU-100 Villangómez (Burgos) there was another highway exit with a deadly turnaround and on the RM-2 highway of Murcia, in Fuente Álamo, there was a third fatality due to a tourism accident.

Finally, until 20 hours on Sunday there have been five accidents involving fatalities, two of them abuses: the first, in the NA-234 of Calatayud (Zaragoza), and the second in Aller (Asturias), when a van lost the control because of the accumulated snow and has overwhelmed a man in the AS-112 who was putting the chains to his vehicle.

In an accident on the AP-7 at the height of Torremolinos (Málaga) a person has lost his life by getting his motorcycle off the road and colliding.

In Santa María de Cayón (Cantabria), on the CA-142 road, a person has died when they leave their tourism on the road and collide, and in Vélez-Málaga, on the A-356, a frontal collision of a tourism and a Van has ended a person’s life.

Outside the DGT count, the accident happened on Friday night in the Navarre town of Estella, where an uncontrolled bus rolled a vehicle, which caused the death of two brothers, one of five years and a girl of eight traveling with his mother, who is seriously injured, as well as the abuse of a pedestrian, also seriously admitted.


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