July 29, 2021

TVE will hold the Spanish preselection for Eurovision in Benidorm

Ruth Lorenzo, presenter of the event.

Ruth Lorenzo, presenter of the event.

TVE has unveiled the mystery this Thursday: the city of Benidorm will host the Spanish preselection for the next Eurovision Song Contest. In a meeting with the media from the Alicante city, the public has made official its plan to resurrect the essence of the Benidorm festival and turn it for the first time into the contest that will choose the Spanish representative in the European contest, in the style of San Remo in Italy, the last country to win the contest.

The announced event was attended by Ruth Lorenzo, the president of RTVE José Manuel Pérez Tornero, the content director Amalia Martínez de Velasco, and the president of the Generalitat Valenciana Ximo Puig, as well as the mayor of the city, Antonio Pérez. “Music has always been linked to this city. 62 years after the birth of the Benidorm festival, the illusion returns from the hand of the Valencian Government and an audiovisual giant such as TVE”, said the latter.

In his speech, Pérez Tornero explained how this Eurovision renewal plan in Spain: “On a visit to Valencia, with the idea of ​​uprooting TVE and supporting the people, I met the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and we thought together how we could empower young people, employment, get out of this pandemic, regain the delusion… And it occurred to President Puig that why not Eurovision in Benidorm “.”Why not unite the nostalgia of Benidorm with a commitment to transform the future of music, which is the desire of RTVE“, he added.

The president of TVE has expressed that it is a bet “for the transformation of the future and for making young people, the world of music and the world of culture visible.” Tornero has been optimistic about this long-awaited renovation: “You can aspire to win. We come here to give young Spanish music the opportunity to be screened at Eurovision “.”When you go out to play something you have to go out to win“, has added.

“We want to put the Eurovision Song Contest on another level”

“This day represents a change in the way of electing the representatives in the next Eurovision Song Contest”Martínez de Velasco began by saying, adding: “I don’t have to say how important Eurovision is for TVE. If there was any doubt, I want to highlight it.” The board has recognized that Eurovision “is one of the events where we connect with the young audience, which is the bearer of great talents.”

After years of bad results and all kinds of selections, he has insisted on the will to renew: “Our mission is to take care of Eurovision, make it grow, put a lot of focus, ambition and affection on it. Indeed, we want to place ourselves at another level. We want to set long-term goals and annual planning “.”The Eurovision Song Contest has to be prepared from the day after it takes place“, he insisted.

Three galas to be held in early 2022

Although not many details of this preselection have been revealed, the director affirms that they seek “a formula that combines good songs, solvent artists (established and new) and bet on the current sound. We are going to set up a working group made up of experts in the house. We are going to rely on external advice, especially in musical direction. We want to make this Festival a success. “

In addition to advancing they will name “a new person as head of delegation of the EBU“, the content director has advanced the initial plan of this new stage: Specifically, there will be three galas, two semifinals and a final, which will be broadcast live on “all TVE platforms”. There will be a mixed jury with experts and public opinion, although they do not rule out “an international jury.” The performance of the songs will be seen in the autumn at Playz and the galas will be seen in early 2022. “We want to count on the recording industry and everyone’s support to make this Festival what it should be “, Has expressed.


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