August 6, 2020

TVE highlights the elimination of ads on prostitution in LA PROVINCIA and 'El Da' – La Provincia

A report from Spanish Television has disseminated at national level the decision of THE PROVINCE / Diario de Las Palmas and 'El Día' de stop posting ads for contacts and prostitution.

'Goodbye to advertisements for prostitution' is the title of the report that was broadcasted in the news program 'Telecanarias' and in the 'Todxs por igual' space, and appeared on the front page of the website

THE PROVINCE / Diario de Las Palmas and El Día, headwaters of the Iberian Press group in the Canary Islands, will eliminate this type of ads from their pages as of May 1st. The management of the publishing company of the two newspapers, leaders of the printed press in the two provinces, has adopted this decision considering that this publicity undermines the dignity of women.

The initiative of the two Canarian newspapers, a pioneer in the Archipelago, is assumed in the context of the commitment acquired to improve the information processing about equality and gender violence, a compormiso subscribed last week by the regional media with the Government of the Canary Islands to promote equality in their publications and broadcasts,

With this measure, LA PROVINCIA / Diario de Las Palmas celebrates on May 1 the 108th anniversary of its foundation.


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