TVE criticizes the labor reform of the PP in a tweet and then deletes it

He claims that it implied a cut in rights that will be recovered by the PSOE Government and Podemos

The public radio and television service in Spain (RTVE) takes for granted on its Twitter account that the labor reform of the PP led to a loss of rights and that the new Coalition Government will recover them. This statement appeared on the social networks of the public entity without quotes, implying that, what were some words of the socialist presenter and former minister Màxim Huerta, represents the posture of the chain.

During his speech, the journalist said: “The Government will knock down some of the most harmful aspects of the last labor reform. It intends with it that we recover some of the rights at work that we have lost during these years. ” His speech concluded by asking viewers "how has this rights cut affected you?" These words were transferred to a tweet that moments later was deleted from the RTVE account accompanied by some apologies.

However the Popular Party he recovered it and hung it on his nets to demand explanations and denounce what "RTVE continues to work at the service of the Government, criticizing without shame some labor reform that created 2 million jobs after the unfortunate situation in which the PSOE left Spain. Being a public body, the PP evidenced with its publication the lack of ideological neutrality of the medium and the presenter Max Huerta which, in June 2018, held the position of Socialist Minister of Culture and Sports for seven days until he was forced to resign for a tax fraud committed between 2006 and 2008. “If RTVE considers its tweet about labor reform to be totally unfortunate and eliminates it, it should do the same with the words of the former socialist minister presenting the program. We demand a response ”, published hours later the training led by Pablo Casado along with the video that proves what happened.

It should be remembered that so far the social-communist government has only repealed the dismissal for absenteeism, a rule in force since 1980 when the Workers Statute was approved. The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, said then that with this decision the "labor reform" of 2012 approved by the PP began to be "ginned", and that, according to former Minister Huerta and RTVE, it meant a "rights cut". The truth is that the only change that occurred was that, before, this measure was only valid if the absentee rate of the workforce exceeded 5%, and after the labor reform was applicable independently of this condition. The labor counter-reform of PSOE and Podemos also contemplates returning the priority to the sector agreement over the company agreement; recover the ultraactivity of collective agreements; establish permanent hiring as an ordinary form of access to employment or modify article 42 of the Workers' Statute to limit labor subcontracting to specialized services outside the main activity of the company, among other measures that are still pending.


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