October 24, 2020

TVE cancels 'The following', the program of Raquel Sánchez-Silva | TV

TVE cancels 'The following', the program of Raquel Sánchez-Silva | TV

Televisión Española has decided to end The next. The program, presented by Raquel Sánchez-Silva and that was broadcasted in La 1 in the access prime time (the strip between El Tiempo and the prime-time schedule), will be dismissed in March, at a date still to be defined, after three and a half months of broadcasting.

The space was the big bet of the public channel for a strip in which he had tried before with Rush hour, presented by Javier Cárdenas, a program that received numerous criticisms for its content and had been the protagonist of different controversies. But nevertheless, The next It did not get to hook up to the audience, which has stayed at an average of 5% of screen share and 7%. TVE has not had more patience with the format and the cancellation has already been communicated to the team, as it has advanced The newspaper and has confirmed EL PAÍS with sources close to the program.

The low audiences of the space led to the program, produced by Secuoya Contenidos, to be remodeled in January with a new approach and new contents and collaborators such as Llum Barrera, Luis Cano, Alvaro Berro, Luis Quevedo and Aránzazu Santos, commenting on the news with the guests of every day. But the data did not improve in a band with strong competition when faced with programs such as The anthill (Antenna 3), The intermediate (The Sixth) or First Dates (Four).

The space was presented in October 2018 as a half-hour magazine in which each night an interview would be made to a guest. Throughout the space different sections were interspersed by the collaborators of the program, which have been changing as time has gone by. In the presentation, Raquel Sánchez-Silva made reference to the adjustments that they would have to make. "I ask for patience to TVE, because in a [programa] Everyday we all know that we have to build. The anthill He also had his first week, and his first year. I ask for patience, but I am also aware that TV in that sense is difficult, and that many things intervene ".


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