TVE bets on dancing with ‘The Dancer’

Rafa Méndez, Lola Indigo and Miguel Ángel Muñoz, captains of ‘The Dancer’.

Televisión Española presented its new program this Tuesday, ‘The Dancer‘, a contest that will seek to find the best dancer in Spain and with which public television seeks to highlight the therapeutic value of dance.

“We are looking for quality talent and with ‘The Dancer’ we want to instill a passion for dance in the audience,” because “dancing is therapeutic“, has pointed out the entertainment director of TVE, Toñi Prieto, about this new talent show.

In a press conference, Prieto assured that the contest, inspired by the international format conceived by Simon Cowell, creator of programs such as ‘X Factor’ or the ‘Got Talent’ franchise, “is full of emotions, unpredictable performances, effort and very peculiar contestants from which we are going to learn a lot “.

Almost 100 dancers with different profiles will participate in the contest, from 8 to 60 years old., both amateurs or professionals, and of all styles: from classical ballet, through contemporary dance and ballroom dancing, to movements as fashionable as the ‘twerk’ and the ‘dance hall’.

The program aims to value dancers and their profession, showing the world that surrounds dance. The steps to put together a choreography, the study of dance, the personal stories of its protagonists or the ability to move through dance will be some of the key points of this program, produced with Fremantle.

As consultants of the contest are the choreographer and dancer Rafa Mendez, singer Indigo lola and the actor Miguel Angel Muñoz, who will have the function of creating their own teams from the first phase of the format and advising the contestants to successfully face all the challenges on the dance floor.

“I fell in love as a spectator of the British ‘The Dancer’ and wanted to be involved in this project” with “an exceptional talent and casting,” Muñoz pointed out at the press conference. As presenters of the program will be Ion Aramendi and Sandra Cervera.

The mechanics of the program start with an audition phase, where the contestants appear in a room surrounded by mirrors and the public decides, with their votes, if they continue in the program.

If 75% of the attendees support the contestants, the large mirror in the ballroom will open and the contestant will dance in front of the audience and captains.

In each audition, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Lola Indigo and Rafa Méndez will have the responsibility of forming a team with the dancers who have passed the public screening and, in addition, they will have the opportunity to give, individually, two direct passes to the semifinals.

After the audition phase, “the final selection” will arrive., a second phase in which the contestants will fight to get one of the two places available for the semifinals. 18 dancers arrive at this stage, 6 per team, and after each performance, the audience on the set will decide.

Then there will be a semi-final and a grand final, where the 8 candidates who manage to arrive will fight to be proclaimed champions and win a cash prize of 25,000 euros.


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