Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

TVE apologizes after rating the violation of La Manada "accident"

After the flood of criticism and outrage that was generated yesterday after the comment of the storyteller of the confinements in TVE qualifying the violation of The pack of "accident", Xavier Fortes before starting with The breakfast he has wanted to ask apologies next to the protagonist of said statements Javier Solano.

Although the commentator intended to convey how the city is a place that claims to be "free from sexist harassment" and that the cases that occur are "isolated", a "slip of the tongue" provoked this unfortunate comment by which both the director of the program and Solano have wanted to apologize and clarify what happened.

Javier Solano, the narrator of the Sanfermines on TVE, apologizes after describing as 'accident' the rape of La Manada

Javier Solano, the narrator of the Sanfermines on TVE, apologizes after describing as 'accident' the rape of La Manada

Xavier Fortes, the presenter and director of the space Los Desayunos de TVE, interrupted the space to make "a clarification and also an apology that is required" The journalist alluded to that "the past Wednesday in the conversation that we maintain daily, in this case, of the macho aggressions. That scourge that Pamplona does not want to stigmatize because it was a pioneer in denouncing it, because something we have not done well. Very well we should not have done it because Javier, many have been offended and surely rightly so"

The narrator of the Sanfermines wanted to clarify in the first place that "I never in my life and everyone who knows me knows, I will equate a violation to an accident".

"Never in my life will I equate a violation with an accident"

"The word 'accident' slipped by an error. It was a slip of the tongue"He assured. "I would never have written in an off, on the computer keyboard, something like that, because you can correct, read. But think that we are live, that this is a mistake of the usual ones of direct, that Elena and I are from 7:15 (this conversation occurs at 8:45), an hour and a half later live in a very complicated program, "he continued.

In fact, what he did was improvise "on a question that I did not expect, improvising one paragraph with another, I slipped the word 'accident'. That I I thought to say it because Pamplona was accidentally the scene of that sexual assault, I slipped into the previous paragraph and the word 'accident' appeared. "

The commentator explains that everything was due to an "error" and "a lapsus lingue" product of improvisation

Finally, Solano also wanted to point out that journalists "always look for synonyms" when talking about the same fact, that word he slipped in "unfortunate, very unfortunate". And it settled the matter with a: "yes I want to tell you that I will never equate accident with rape".

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