May 26, 2020

TV | Michael Robinson: "Cancer may kill me, but what it won't do is kill me every day" – La Provincia

A year ago, Michael Robinson, commentator and former soccer player, I knew I had an incurable cancer, a melanoma with metastasis that forced him to undergo a hard treatment. Almost two months later, the English made his illness public. His testimony provoked innumerable signs of support and affection that during all these months he has not tired of thanking.

He former soccer player, journalist and mythical commentator He published a tweet celebrating the event and has passed through the Public Mirror set to tell how he is doing.

"On October 30 of last year they gave me the worst news. He had an incurable cancer (at the moment). I have lived a year full of emotions, I have learned a lot from me. At all times I have felt the support of all of you. Thank you … I am very grateful!", public.

The origin of this cancer was " a lump in my armpit"that in the month of August he discovered, but that was growing day by day. Once he received the medical news Robinson thought" it was a nightmare"." They told me that it has no cure, but it can be controlled "from a treatment of 14,000 euros.

" I am like a flower, I feel very well, because among other things I have a wonderful life, occasionally a little arthritis, hypothermia €"He explained in relation to the side effects of his medication." It seems incredible that I have an incurable cancer because I don't notice it at all. ", he told Susanna Griso.

Robinson has left a powerful message which perfectly summarizes the mentality with which he is facing his illness. "Cancer, I hope that sooner rather than later, he may kill me, but what he won't do is kill me every day," he said.

" I do not allow that impertinent enemy to be interrupting me while I am living, this is mine, all I have is my life in my hands", he has completed. Robinson has devoted himself to his three passions: his family, football and what he has called his" pseudo-journalism. "

Since then the life of Movistar + commentator It has changed a lot, but it has not lost the desire to live and has fought every day to get out of a disease that did not presage anything good. But the support of his followers and his people have been key in this battle for which he continues with the sword held high.

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