Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Tutorial to make the declaration

Renta 2018 en vídeos: Los tutoriales para hacer la declaración sin errores

The Bell of the 2018 income is in full swing and taxpayers can now file their return online, waiting for the Tax agency start the process of request of appointment for the attention in the offices, next May 9. The campaign runs until July 1, 2019.

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To make the process easier, Estate has launched this year a series of videos Y tutorials in which he explains Step by Step how to complete the declaration through the available channels, either through the web, or through the mobile application.

Income 2018

How is the draft processed and the declaration presented online?

To access the draft and submit the declaration from the web portal of rent you have to access the 'Draft / Declaration Processing Service (WEB Income)' from the 2018 income portal.

After accessing, you must enter 'Draft / declaration (Renta WEB)' and begin filling in the taxpayer's information. As explained in the video, it is possible to calculate the result whether it is presented individually or jointly with the spouse.

It must be borne in mind that the Tax Agency does not know everything, so it is necessary to review the procedure in detail before submitting it to maximize the savings in payment if the result is unfavorable to the taxpayer's interest.

In the following video the process is explained in detail and how to use the different declaration variables.

Income 2018

How is the draft processed and the declaration presented with the app?

This campaign of income 2018 is the second in which the Tax Agency makes available to taxpayers the possibility of presenting the declaration through the mobile app.

It gives the option to complete the entire process 'in one click'. Although the video tutorial presented by the Treasury refers to last year's application, it has not changed substantially and can be followed without major difficulties.

Income 2018

What deductions can I use in the rent?

In the channel of the Tax Agency several videos in which various deductions that can help reduce the tax bill of taxpayers.

Thus, videos are available to process the deduction for large family, the deduction to resident family units, the deduction for spouse not legally separated, the increase in maternity deduction for daycare expenses,

Income 2018

What happens if I made mistakes in the statement?

If after presenting the declaration, they are detected mistakes, may be rectify with a complementary self-assessment. To do so, you must access the 2018 income portal and in the section 'More procedures' you must access 'Modify your statement already submitted'.

Once inside, you will have to go to 'Modification of declaration' within the available services. At the start of the process, you must specify why you want to make a complementary declaration. When finished, it is possible that it is noticed on squares that it would be convenient to review.

All the tutorials can be consulted in the Youtube portal of the Tax Agency.

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