August 12, 2020

Turull affirms that prison and exile make difficult the relationship between JxCat and ERC

The former president of the Presidency Jordi Turull considers that "jail and exile make difficult the relationship between JxCat and ERC" and that he will not have a fair trial, both because "there is no equality between the parties", and because the sentence may already be "half thought".

In an interview published today by El Periódico, Turull, who is in the prison of Lledoners (Barcelona), recognizes that "day to day is difficult" in the relationship between the main Catalan separatist formations, JxCat and ERC.

According to Turull, "many leaders can not participate in the decisions, which must be taken in a short time" because the leaders of both groups "are in jail or in exile", and because, in addition, "we live a police and judicial harassment in Catalonia "although" we politicians must work to achieve unity "

On how he faces the impending trial against the leaders of the 'proces', Turull stresses that "before the Supreme Court I will not ask for forgiveness and I will vindicate what we did on October 1 and October 27."

Turull affirms that he does not trust to have a fair trial, firstly because "there is no equality between the parties, we come from a long provisional prison, we will arrive handcuffed, they will transfer us to the jail every day for months and we will not have enough time to prepare the defenses, while on the other hand, the accusation will come fresh out of the shower and having breakfast a croissant with orange juice ".

On the political situation in Spain, Jordi Turull said that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, "must decide whether to think about the next elections or the next generations", and considers that offering a political solution to Catalonia does not mean losing the general elections if you raise it "with conviction".

He believes, however, that Pedro Sánchez "lacks strength in his convictions," he says, "on the one hand, he talks about dialogue and then he denounces us as a 'gang' to two million people!"

With regard to the PP and Cs pact with the extreme right to enter the institutions in Andalusia, Turull indicates that "they have finally removed their complexes to normalize the structural Francoism."


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