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Turn your house into a smart home

Cómo convertir tu casa en una casa inteligente

Having a smart home is every year easier, cheaper and more useful than ever. Multiple companies offer a variety of products that can facilitate the stay in our home with small appliances that are responsible for performing household chores. It is true that there will not be quality of life gaps as big as the invention of the washing machine or the refrigerator, but smart appliances and electronic devices for the home in general are a consolidated reality.

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Although now called smart homes, it is nothing more than a neologism for what is known as demotic since the 80s. Today they are much more advanced and varied, but the concept is the same.

Smart bolts

Mobiles allow you to open and close the door of your home

Mobiles allow you to open and close the door of your home
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Leaving home in 2019 is synonymous with checking if you carry the keys, wallet and mobile. Who else and who least has forgotten the keys at some time, with the corresponding mess of having to call a locksmith or bother a relative or acquaintance who has a copy. This is one of the factors that solve intelligent bolts, in its many varieties, if we put them on our doors.

The models we recommend maintain the ability to be opened with a traditional key: all the original mechanism remains installed, we can simply activate it in alternative digital ways: with the mobile, a numeric code and even identification with our fingerprints. Futuristic but real. In addition to the door being unlocked automatically as we arrive - if we want to configure it that way - we can authorize guests remotely to open the door. Useful for a neighbor to water the plants, or a guest to pass without having to give a copy of the keys.

Recommended: Ultraloq UL3 (170 euros), Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 (230 euros), ZKTeco TL400B (235 euros)

Internal surveillance cameras

For very little money we can find in the market a variety of cameras that connect to the Internet and keep our house under surveillance at all times. They are constantly recording and emitting alerts of multiple types as they are configured. If they detect movement, they can send you an alert with a short video of what happened. Very useful to check if our children have arrived home on time, for example.

Another great function of the connected cameras is remote surveillance. We can connect through multiple platforms on the mobile or computer, and see what happens: monitor our pet while we are away - and even talk to him through the camera speaker - see if a household employee has arrived or if our children are doing their homework or playing the video game console. The possibilities are endless.

Recommended: Xiaomi Camera 360 (40 euros), Nest Cam IQ (350 euros)

Smart thermostats

Tado smart thermostat

Tado smart thermostat

The advantages of having smart thermostats in our house are great. We can manage your configuration from anywhere in the world, establish even more advanced routines or configure it through voice with virtual assistants "Set the heating to 21 degrees". One of the most interesting advanced routines can be to start the heating when our mobile detects that you have little to get home, so the heating is off until it is not necessary.

A smart thermostat can save 20% and 40% of the heating bill with a much more effective management of temperatures

Another key element of intelligent thermostats is the ability to combine them with other pieces of domotics such as home cameras. Especially if we have pets at home, in such a way that we can adapt the temperature depending on the attitude that we see them through the camera.

Recommended: Tado (150 euros), Netatmo (170 euros), Google Nest (250 euros)

Vacuum cleaners

Roomba to clean floors

Roomba to clean floors

The invention of intelligent vacuum cleaners still causes misgivings among many citizens. It is true that they will never clean the floor with the same effort as a good pass in the conscience of a mop in experienced hands, but they can keep soil dirt at bay for weeks. This will make us have to sweep some nooks and crannies from time to time, but our load will decrease a lot.

If you use an automatic vacuum cleaner with an intelligent air purifier, it can be a great help to reduce allergies or respiratory diseases if you live in large cities.

These devices, many of which even allow the floor to be scrubbed with detergent and water tanks, save a lot of time over the months. If you hate having to sweep, and you are happy with a floor that is swept but not always perfectly, you should consider one. Most models can be configured for different routines per room, or even quickly know which parts are more likely to have crumbs, dust or pet hairs, and be more conscientious in those areas.

Recommended: Cecotec 3090 (350 euros), Roomba i7 with download base (1,200 euros), Braava with scrubbing ability (230 euros),

Other devices

Beyond the categories mentioned, you can find multiple small pots that you may not even know exist. You can find presence sensors that turn on the lights in our path or send an alert to the mobile, as well as door and window opening sensors that can be connected to other intelligent systems.

There are scales that can maintain your weight history and synchronize it with your mobile at all times, and even give you the percentages of body fat in an approximate way. And finally, a great classic already in many homes: the connected bulbs that allow to be controlled by remotely, by voice or from the mobile. Not only can you configure when they turn on or off without having to go to the switch, many models can even change color.

LED intelligent LED bulb

LED intelligent LED bulb

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