Turn for the quarry of Gran Canaria Maratn – La Provincia

Turn for the quarry of Gran Canaria Maratn - La Provincia

The organizers of the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon have pampered every detail of the tenth edition of the event, involving all athletes regardless of age. Today the turn of the smaller runners, who have their space in the Mini Isle La Marathon. Undoubtedly, the best of the preambles for tomorrow's big day.

The Mini Isle Marathon Trophy is the perfect showcase where the promises of the Canary athletics live a fun and healthy encounter. Athletes from 6 to 17 years old will demonstrate their worth and will strive to obtain a place among the first three classified, which give the right to climb the podium in their respective categories.

This year the novelty is that races are held in the morning – starting at 10.30 am, which will be a benefit for young people, who will not have to run after eating as it happened in previous editions.

The first to compete will be the prebenjamines, girls and boys of 8 years. From 10.30 hours will face a distance of 400 meters. Next, the 10-year-old Benjamites will leave at 10.50. The fry, aged 12, will enter the scene starting at 11.10 am, to travel a kilometer; and later they will be the children, of 14 years, those that will fight from the 11.30 hours.

The cadets, 16 years old, will be the second-to-last to compete at 11.50 am and will have to be used thoroughly for one kilometer and six hundred meters. The same distance that will have to face the juvenile, of 18 years, at 12:10 hours.

One more edition, and there are already ten, La Pasta Party, the traditional pasta-based lunch sponsored by La Isleña, will be held from 13.30. The approximately 1,550 participating children and their respective families will be able to regain their strength in a peaceful environment.

On the other hand, people who so wish can visit the Expodeportes fair, an event that is held in parallel from yesterday and today. Several dozens of commercial firms and institutions are present with their corresponding stands on the terrace of the Las Arenas Shopping Center. In addition, athletes from different distances may continue to collect their numbers.

Career of institutes

The IES Isabel of Spain, in the female category, and the IES Playa de Arinaga, in men, were proclaimed yesterday champions of the first edition of the 3k Institutes, a test framed within the Cajasiete Gran Canaria Marathon. In the individual modalities, the winners were Eros Bertolutti Domínguez and Sara Torres.


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