Turn for a Rally Gran Canaria with absences, but with 105 teams in contention

The Gran Canaria Island Rally is going strong. / WWW.MOTORALDAY7.COM

This is the third round of the Canarian Asphalt Championship and third of the 2022 BP Championship. Neither Enrique Cruz nor Miguel Suárez will be present, first and second in the CCRA

The 61st edition of the Rally Isla de Gran Canariasecond round of the Canary Islands Championship,
it will be played tomorrow and on Saturday with 105 teams on its official entry list, under the organization of Escudería Maspalomas.

The test is also the third of the BP Rally Championship of Las Palmas and the different promotional trophies, highlighting the DISA-Orvecame monobrands,
Clio Trophy Canarias or Nissan Micra, among others such as the FALP Steering Wheel, Promotion, Toyota Enma-2RM, N3, Clio Prodrive, 1.6 Hankook-La Madera, Marbella or Best Newcomers. An event that sums up the good times and level of asphalt rallies in our region and that will bring together thousands of fans.

The event held at the Gran Canaria Arena was attended by the Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria,
Francisco Castellano, the mayor of Vega de San Mateo, Antonio Ortega, as well as the Councilor for Sports of the Capital City Council, Aridany Romero.

And it is that both San Mateo, as the venue for the test on Saturday, and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the show section of San Lorenzo in the
Friday afternoon-night (7:30 p.m.)have the greatest role in the event, which is organized by Escudería Maspalomas.

The two mayors showed great support for the dean of rallies, managing to make possible a rally with so many participants and regional category. In the case of San Lorenzo, with the support of the residents through their association and that of the nearby neighborhood of El Román, who already eagerly await the arrival of the rally each year.

In the summit municipality of San Mateo, in addition to making room for the Utiaca section, they were very happy to be able to offer the new square as the venue for the race, with its offices and what is very important,
500 parking spaces on the ground floor of the new municipal facilities.

Through the presentation, they all asked the fans and the public in general to show responsibility to continue carrying out a safe rally that is compatible with the demands of the federations and authorities. Precisely these issues were the ones that the federative presidents highlighted the most,
Benito Rodríguez (FCA) and Miguel Ángel Domínguez (FALP)as well as from the direction of the race by Acaymo Reyes.

Important to take into account is the control and access of the timed sections, in which the same will be applied.
FIA and RFEDA rules of the last Rally Islas Canarias, which is now seen as a good example of organizational action and behavior of the spectators.

Among other things with early closures and a ban on crossing or walking on the road
from 20 minutes before the start of the TCin addition to the location in limited public areas and also for private cars, which will not be able to park where they want, but in the spaces reserved for it and away from the limits of the road.

After the section of San Lorenzo (3.48 km), the vehicles go to San Mateo. From there, the
Saturday they will continue with the second and longer partstarting at 8:25 and another six more timed sections, with two passes to the "Utiaca-Ariñez" (9.8 km), Monte Gusano-Juncalillo (10.1 km) and Tejeda-Ayacata (10 .35 km).

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