Turkey says it has permission from the US to continue importing Iranian oil

Turkey is one of the eight countries to which the United States will allow to continue importing oil from Iran despite the entry into force of the oil embargo on Tehran, according to the Turkish Minister of Energy, Fatih Dönmez.

"For now, the information that we receive indicates that Turkey will be part of the exempt countries, but the details have not yet reached us, it is a decision for which we congratulate ourselves," the minister told the press in Parliament. Ankara

Dönmez alluded to the announcement by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, that Washington will exempt eight countries or groups of states from the second bloc of sanctions against Iran, which goes into effect next Sunday and seeks to reduce Tehran revenues from oil.

Pompeo did not specify which other exempt countries will be, but Dönmez assured the Turkish agency Anadolu that Turkey will be able to continue buying crude from its neighbor.

"Both the Foreign Ministry and the Energy Ministry have underscored this point in our negotiations with the US authorities, and from the point of view of Turkey's energy security, the trade of oil and natural gas with our neighboring countries is significant," he recalled. the minister.

Since this morning rumors circulated about a probable exemption of Turkey from the sanctions, an expectation that according to analysts has boosted this Friday the strengthening of the Turkish lira.

One dollar, which at the end of yesterday was exchanged for 5,51 lire, was equivalent to 5,42 lire at today's 14,30 GMT.

With this, the Turkish currency had gained 1.6%, an increase that added to the 1.4% registered yesterday.

After the disaster suffered at the beginning of August, the Turkish lira has recovered part of the lost ground and since last September 1 has been revalued by 20%.


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