Turkey begins today the repatriation of 35 Turks and 10 Azeris from Wuhan

Turkey begins on Thursday the repatriation of 35 Turkish citizens and another 10 from neighboring Azerbaijan, which are located in the Chinese city of Wuhan, epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus that has claimed the lives of 170 people in China.

A Turkish ambulance plane is scheduled to leave for China today, with several medical specialists on board infections, CNNT├╝rk news station reported.

Upon their return, the evacuees will pass a sanitary control at Ankara airport and then spend a two-week quarantine period at unspecified locations.

According to the Turkish embassy in Beijing, some 6,000 Turks live in China and at the moment none has been affected by the virus.

Turkey has already taken measures at its airports and has placed thermal cameras to control passengers entering the country.

The authorities have also prepared special rooms to study possible cases of virus infection.


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