Turkey accuses seven people of helping Carlos Ghosn flee from Justice

The Turkish Prosecutor's Office has accused seven employees of a private airline of having helped former Nissan President Carlos Ghosn flee last December from Japan, where he is accused of financial crimes towards Lebanon through an Istanbul airport.

Four pilots and an executive of the private airline MNG have been accused of "migrant smuggling", according to the Turkish newspaper Sabah, who said Monday that he had access to the prosecutor's letter.

The suspects were arrested on January 2 during the investigation of the case and remain in preventive detention.

Two other suspects, two flight attendants, have been charged with covering up the crime.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the employees reportedly facilitated Ghosn's flight to Lebanon through the Atatürk airport in Istanbul.

According to the accusation, the pilots were aware that they were transferring the former Nissan president and discussed the issue in a WhatsApp conversation.

The letter also reveals that the airline manager received a significant bank deposit of unknown origin the same day that Ghosn passed through Istanbul.

The former head of Nissan, who has French, Lebanese and Brazilian nationality, left Japan before midnight on December 29 at the Kansai International Airport, and on private planes traveled first to Turkey and then to Lebanon.

He entered Lebanon with a French passport and a Lebanese identity document, according to what the authorities of the Arab country reported at the time.


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