TUI is very optimistic about the recovery of tourism in the Canary Islands

TUI is very optimistic about the recovery of tourism in the Canary Islands

In general, the figures for reservations to Spain are currently "very promising", says the tour operator

EFE Frankfurt (Germany)

The German tourism group TUI is very optimistic about the
recovery of tourism in Spainespecially in the Balearic and Canary Islands, where it now flies from more German airports.

The figures for reservations to Spain are currently very promising«, The director of Communications for the central region of TUI, Aage Dünhaupt, told Efe.

«Both the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are in great demand. Mallorca is not only the favorite destination for foreign trips for German tourists in summer, but also at Easter, "adds Dünhaupt, who is also responsible for communication at TUI for airlines, hotels and cruises.

As, for the first time in two years, almost all the hotels in Mallorca have opened, the number of clients is high.

TUI estimates that around 40,000 tourists from Germany will visit Mallorca at Easter.

In February TUI already brought forward the opening of the season and added additional flights with TUI Fly from Düsseldorf, Hannover, Frankfurt and Stuttgart to Palma for the festivities.

TUI anticipates that “the 2022 summer season will approach the level of the 2019 summer due to good demand in combination with the complete lifting of travel restrictions and
the tendency to reserve at the last moment“, according to Dünhaupt.

At the moment, at the end of March, tourist reservations to Spain stand at 80% of the level of summer 2019.

As many bookings are made at the last minute, it is realistic for TUI that many holiday destinations and their hotels will be sold out in the high season.

In general, Dünhaupt explains,
TUI observes that “people want to travel after two years of the pandemic”.

“Tourism is going to experience a very good summer season in 2022, especially the countries of Southern Europe, which were greatly affected by the limitations on travel due to the pandemic,” predicts Dünhaupt.

He states that "the trend is upwards for hotels, family businesses and many local partners" who, together with TUI, effectively offer holidays to customers.

Likewise, Dünhaupt emphasizes that "TUI is the strategic partner for holiday countries in Southern Europe and, in this way, also Spain".

TUI notes that the war in Ukraine has not created a general change in people's travel bookings.

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