Tudanca believes that the PP already has a pact with Vox and that Feijóo is the "same" with a "kinder" face

The leader of the PSOE in Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, assumes that Alfonso Fernández Mañueco already has a pact to govern with Vox after the 13F elections. At the gates of the constitution of the Cortes taking place this Thursday, in which the first understandings have to be reached for the composition of the table that pilots its activity, the socialist candidate has lamented that "the foreseeable and it is that the PP is going to end up agreeing with Vox".

The first meeting of the PP with the PSOE to govern in Castilla y León fails

The first meeting of the PP with the PSOE to govern in Castilla y León fails

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Tudanca does not believe that Alberto Núñez Feijóo is going to give the PP a change of course, despite the fact that he presents himself as a more moderate profile. "It seems to me that the new Popular Party is going to look so much like the old one that it is going to be practically the same in everything, perhaps with a friendlier face, but I do want to appeal to Mr. Feijóo because he has a chance to show that yes, he is It is true that he wants to do different things in the PP and to stop the pact that Mr. Mañueco has and intends to make with the extreme right", he said upon arrival at the PSOE Federal Committee in Ferraz.

The socialist leader has insisted that he keeps his hand out to Mañueco if he wants to impose a "sanitary cordon" on Vox, although he does not see it as likely after the first meeting to probe possible agreements ended in a matter of minutes after the PP raised when the socialists raised the issue of corruption. "The responsibility of the Socialist Party is to do everything possible so that the extreme right does not enter the Government of Castilla y León. We have done it, we are going to continue doing it so that there continues to be a strong alternative in Castilla y León against a right once moderate that has now fallen into the arms of the extreme right and is capable of doing anything to stay in power," he said.

Tudanca has said that he is willing to sit down with the PP again. "Whenever he wants. He knows what the conditions are, the only condition is that if he wants to participate in a cordon sanitaire to the extreme right, we are willing to talk, but it doesn't seem like he wants to," he concluded.

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