August 4, 2021

Tsipras, Al Sisi and Anastasiadis accelerate cooperation in the energy sector

Tsipras, Al Sisi and Anastasiadis accelerate cooperation in the energy sector

The leaders of Greece, Egypt and Cyprus agreed today to close as soon as possible the delimitation of their exclusive economic zones to be able to undertake an energy cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

At the sixth trilateral summit held today on the island of Crete, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, and the presidents of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, and Egypt, Abdelfatah al Sisi, also discussed regional security and signed a series of memoranda of trilateral cooperation in education, customs and investment promotion.

"We agree on the importance of the delimitation between our countries of exclusive economic zones within the framework of maritime law," said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in the joint press conference of the three leaders, adding that they decided to overcome "The technical problems and sign the agreement as soon as possible."

The three countries and Israel are committed to the construction of the East Med submarine pipeline, which will carry gas from the eastern Mediterranean to Italy through Cyprus, Crete and the Greek Peloponnese.

Tsipras stressed that the summit was held at a time of special tension in the Middle East and said that it is not possible to solve regional problems without the participation of Egypt.

For his part, Al Sisi said that "the friendship between the three countries constitutes a defense against extremism and terrorism."

The Egyptian president also stressed "the need to peacefully solve the problems in the Mediterranean and the Middle East."

Al Sisi added that the three leaders discussed the crises in Libya and Syria and that they will support the efforts to solve the Cypriot and Palestinian conflicts based on the resolutions of the United Nations.

Anastasiadis, on the other hand, proposed the creation in Cyprus of a permanent secretariat to follow the agreements of the trilateral summits.

In addition to the trilateral cooperation memos, Egypt signed bilateral agreements with Greece on social security issues and with Cyprus on agriculture issues.

The first trilateral summit was held in Egypt in 2014, and since then the three countries have decided to strengthen their economic, energy and security cooperation regularly.


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